I learn well with the repetition of flash cards. Great idea!”
-Theresa D.
Sioux Falls, SD

“The flash cards were crucial to passing my certification test!”
-Duane B.
Elkins, WV

“I had my doubts about flash cards, but that was the best $100 I ever spent.  I had been using those during lunch hour, and actually get an hour of studying in.  It’s hard for me to open a book and actually pay attention and read something during my lunch hour.  But when I am using the flash cards, for some reason my attention is there and it hardly feels like I am studying.”

“I absolutely love the flash cards! Great idea!!!! I have them up on my computer at work, and I just do a few at a time to learn. They are so convenient. Every time I go back into the cards, I see you added more. Thanks so much for helping us study. It is really helpful to me.”
-Kristine M.


Electronic Flash Cards

1st electronic flash card program
dedicated to certification exams.


Scientifically proven memorization techniques.


Instant Access!

Cards available online and offline on your PC or Mobile Device.